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Elimo Real Estate Ltd's story began back in 2019. It was born out of the identification and eagerness to tackle several industry challenges that limit real estate agents’ collaborations and the availability of qualitative information on the local market. In our opinion, this will enhance real estate service providers' ability to give the best quality services to customers consistently.

It's through finding solutions to these challenges that we are creating a network of opportunities for others and for us. This path has taught us the value of building and maintaining relationships through meeting, networking, and assisting people with their needs, and this over time has become our business ethos.

Our Services

Buying or renting a new property can be a stressful process but hiring a professional real estate company makes it easy.

Property Management

Elimo real estate has a team of experienced agents who are committed and dedicated to helping you find your next commercial, residential or industrial property based on your needs.

Property Valuation

We perform extensive research and offer comparatives in order to help guide clients’ decision-making during every step of a project. Rather than focusing on a transaction, we ensure overall investment success for the client.

Property Consulting

Using our knowledge of the Rwanda Real Estate market and our network of real estate professionals, we offer expert advice and recommendations to anyone looking to invest in real estate.

We are committed and dedicated to helping you find a new property based on your needs.

We not only help you look for that perfect space, we also arrange visits, help you with negotiations, contracts and legal processes at your comfort.