6 Renovation Ideas to add value to your house

Renovating a house or constructing one from scratch can be an exciting but hectic process.

Tatenda Nyandoro

By Tatenda Nyandoro in Residential

Published 2022-07-19 10:20:16

Renovating a house or constructing one from scratch can be an exciting but hectic process. For some homeowners, it is their chance to bring their design dreams and ideas to life but for others, research and Pinterest become their inspiration.

 If you are building or renovating your house for investment purposes, it is important to invest your money in a way that makes your property stand out. Based on our experience in real estate agency, we have compiled a list of must do’s for home renovations that most tenants/buyers are looking for during their house search in Rwanda. We hope they are helpful.



  1. Natural light, Natural light, Natural light: A house that brings in enough natural light attracts more clients, decreasing time on the market by about 30%. Therefore, it’s important to keep that in mind while refurbishing your home. This can be achieved by adding big windows, bright tiles, light paint and avoiding using a dark roof.





  1. Always apply neutral colors:  In the design world, there are neutral colors and personal preference palettes. Neutral colors are colors that easily compliment other colors without creating a clash. When it comes to an investment property, apply neutral colors creating a canvas that can easily be customized to match your tenant’s requirements. Avoid designing based on your personal preferences which might not necessarily match a potential client’s taste hence bringing about unplanned expenses. Examples of neutral colors are white, cream or grey.



  1. Open Space Concept: This is a concept of bringing your living room, dining room and kitchen as one communal space doing away with some internal walls hence improving natural light and ventilation. This new design makes your living area look elegant, it makes small spaces look big in size even if they are built on a smaller plot as well as adding a modern feel to a home.




  1. Invest in Staff Quarters: It is extremely important to put in as much effort in staff quarters as any other part of your home as lack of that might be a deal breaker for your next potential client, give them a good paint as well a neat bathroom area.



  1. Is a Bathtub a Must? : Yes and No. For an apartment or small space for a single person to live in or just a couple, a bathtub is not vital. Nonetheless, when you have a property with 4 bedrooms or more, chances are it will be rented by a family and a bathtub will come in handy especially if they have children.



  1. A Solar Panel is a big plus: In general, electricity supply in Rwanda is stable. The price of a KWH in a residential home has been rising and is now at 249 RWF. Most tenants will enjoy the lower cost and lesser impact on the environment that result from renting a house that has a solar system.


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